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Installation and Training


When all order formalities about an order have been settled, the project will then be taken over by one of our skilled project managers, who will manage the project.

Clarification of details
Our project manager will contact you to clarify outstanding details. If raw material has not been tested this will be arranged. Once all technical details have been settled, the final lay-out will be made.

Our project manager will confirm the delivery time once all technical details have been settled.

Preparation for installation
Before installation we will define what needs to be prepared before our arrival. Customers will have to sign a site preparation certificate, as all building and electrical installations shall be finished before arrival of our service engineers.

Normally, the customer has the responsibility for the installation of the equipment, unless otherwise agreed. Our service engineers help supervise the installation to secure that everything is installed correctly.

After the installation the start-up will follow. It is important that as much time as needed is used on this. It is important that plenty of raw material with correct moisture content and particle size is available.
Furthermore, it is important that the workers who will be operating the plant are present and involved in the process.

We believe in on-the-job training. During the first days of operation, while our service engineers are still on the site, the operators will get valuable information and learn as much as possible about running the equipment.
The manuals are an important tool in the training process.

Future co-operation
Before our service engineers leave an installation, they will inform you about future contacts with our company. Normally, the contacts will be with our customer service coordinator, the project manager, or the sales manager, in that order.

However we know that each project needs to be treated individually and we will always do our utmost to make your new briquetting plant a success.

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