Oil and Gas Regulatory

Intermediate Level Courses


Every state requires that the status of a well be reported once and possibly twice a year. These tests must be accurate or a company can run a risk the having  production levels curtailed. Failure to file these forms can lead to severed wells which in turn leads to no production.

Injection Permitting and Reporting

Learn how to permit an injection well. Whether it is for water disposal purposes, RCMA disposal, brine storage  or waterflood projects. Oil and Gas Regulatory Classes™  can train your personnel to properly file permit applications. One of the more frustrating issues is having  your permits filed and approved in a timely manner. These permits can become locked up in goverenmental bureacracy for months, if not years.

Mechanical and Fluid Level Testing

The work isn’t over once you start injecting, every year forms are required to be filed with oversight agencies to report on the integrity of the injection wells. This is one of the most important filings an oil and gas company can make to the reporting agency. In today’s environment of anti-fracking groups, the EPA stance and other factors you do not want to a “misstep” in this process.

Production Reporting

Reporting your monthly production. We cover forms, how to correctly fill them out and what to do if you have made a mistake and how do you correct it. How to you account for old batteries being cleaned and all the sludge being accounted for to your reporting agencies. Are you commingling your product in baove ground tanks or down tin the well bore?

Allocation and PSA Wells

With the new rules arriving allowing allocation wells it is confusing in permitting and most of all completing the wells and turning in the completion reports correctly and accurately.

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