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ISO 14001 - Implementation Course



By attending this course, attendees gain a thorough understanding of the critical business issues related to implementing an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). This two-day practical, hands-on course provides insights and up-to-date information on the emerging standards and business issues related to ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Systems. Drawing on real-life examples, and an interactive case study that reinforces the concepts used in ISO 14001, attendees practice applying ISO 14001 requirements to implement a cohesive EMS. They also learn to build on existing systems--to create an effective EMS in their own organizations. A global perspective helps illustrate the potential business and economic impacts of ISO 14001 and EMS third-party certification.

  • People involved in planning and/or coordinating the implementation process for a system addressing environmental issues
  • Personnel who have been assigned the task of establishing an EMS within an organization
  • Decision-makers in the implementation process
  • Those wanting more information from organizations that are undertaking the implementation process

  • Understand what an EMS is and how it interacts with an organization
  • Identify current statutory and regulatory requirements that are required to be understood, applied and maintained within the EMS
  • Conduct an initial environmental review for their organization
  • Use various methodologies to evaluate environmental risks and factors
  • Develop environmental information and data analysis, reporting and recording processes appropriate for their organization
  • Determine key milestones for implementation of an Environmental Management System including key resources required to implement and maintain an effective EMS environmental performance and evaluate methods of prevention
  • Document an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO14001:2015
  • Develop and maintain documented information required by ISO14001:2015 and the control of such information (i.e. Documents, data and records)
  • Develop environmental objectives and actions required to achieve them
  • Develop systems for monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of the EMS and environmental performance
  • Report on the performance of the Environmental Management System

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