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Do you want to perform measurements, but you have little or no experience, follow a training course at the training center Jantril. Besides a short workout you can also follow our training as metrologists MT 1 & 2 PRO. After obtaining the certificate you can call yourself an expert in the field of noise and vibration measurements.

A basic training takes 1 day. You will make a brief introduction to the rules and teaches mainly dealing with the measurement systems. After the basic training you can independently perform measurements. Each participant receives a of participation certificate . There are two basic courses:

Basis training trillingsmetingen

  • You will meet the SBR Guidelines and learn how to install a vibration meter and then evaluate the results.

Basic training noise measurements

  • You will meet the standards and rules about noise measurements, learn how to install a sound meter and then evaluate the results.

The training of metrologists MT 1 & 2 PRO takes 3 days and consists of two parts and is a combination of theory and practice:

  1. Trillingsmetingen
  2. Noise measurements

The lessons are given by experts. After attending this course you can set up a monitoring, evaluating projects and advising clients, measurements and drafting reports.

The course concludes with an exam. Did you pass this exam, you will receive the MT 1 & 2 PRO Certification. You will also receive an SBR MT 1 & 2 only by credit card, so you can wear it on during monitoring activities.

Want to know more about certain topics? We regularly organize interesting seminars, which are treated on the basis of case studies various subjects. A seminar lasts one afternoon or evening. Monitoring demolition and construction projects. Damage and nuisance from noise and vibration. Vibrating buildings.

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