Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Knowledge Management for SD


Serve as a knowledge centre on key sustainable issues, and as a resource base for comprehensive and relevant infromation. CEE sees Knowledge Management in terms of first capturing knowledge (existing and new paradigms and concepts of development), documenting it, and then seeing its use in three inter-linked areas: Education and capacity-building: Provide the necessary materials and cadre to implement field projects Field-based demonstration: Test ideas and share the processes and results through seminars and workshops Policy intervention: Inform decision- and policy-makers about sustainable alternatives to conventional technologies.

In keeping with Agenda 21 recommendations stressing the need for comprehensive information to enable decision-making for sustainable development, CEE has taken several initiatives in information servicing. Over the years, it has been increasingly involved at the national level in initiatives and interventions aimed at informing and influencing policy- and decision-makers on environment and sustainable development.

CEE's involvement during 2002-2003 in providing background support to the Government of India's preparations towards the World Summit on Sustainable Development, held in Johannesburg , is an important milestone in the growth of its recognition in this area. So also is its educational initiative to orient the Judiciary in Uttar Pradesh to key environmental issues.

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