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Lead Abatement Supervisor Initial



The U.S. EPA and U.S. HUD define 'target housing' as any housing in the U.S. constructed before 1978 with a few exceptions. EPA defines 'child-occupied facilities' as places built before 1978 in which a child six or under in age spends a significant time each week or year. Persons supervising lead-based paint abatements in target housing and child-occupied facilities must be accredited. In addition, persons seeking to become a lead-based paint abatement contractor must either be accredited as a supervisor or employ such a supervisor. This course is designed to meet the training requirements for U.S. EPA accreditation (40 CFR 745 Subpart L) and for U.S. HUD certification (24 CFR 35).

Although OSHA requires that each employer use trained persons on all construction projects disturbing lead, there is no specific length of training required. While this course would certainly meet the requirements, one of our shorter training courses might be suitable where work other than actual lead-based paint abatement were being conducted. Other options include our approved lead abatement worker course or our HUD-approved lead-safe work practices course. Supervisors wishing to train their own employees may wish to consider taking the trainer course for lead-safe work practices.

Course Features

  • Methods for identifying lead,lead-based paint (LBP), and LBP hazards.
  • Methods for safely working with LBP.
  • Clearance requirements for LBP work.
  • Regulations affecting LBP work.
  • Liabilities involved with LBP work
  • Supervisory responsibilities
  • Hands-on practice in:
    • Establishing containment around LBP work.
    • Safely removing and cleaning up after LBP work.
    • Using appropriate PPE (including selection, maintenance and testing of PPE)

Certification Information: To be fully accredited, persons completing this course must meet the state's experience and education requirements, fill out an application form, pay a licensing fee, and satisfactorily complete a third-party exam offered by the licensing state.

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