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Environmental Management Institute, Inc.

Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessor Initial



The U.S. EPA and U.S. HUD define target housing as any housing in the U.S. constructed before 1978 with a few exceptions. EPA further defines child-occupied facilities as places built before 1978 in which a child six or under in age spends a significant time each week or year. Persons conducting full lead-based paint risk assessments in target housing and child-occupied facilities must be accredited. In addition, persons conducting risk assessments for U.S. HUD target housing must be certified. HUD allows LBP risk assessors to conduct clearance examinations following abatement or interim controls. Various states set similar requirements.

  • Institute and EPA training manuals.
  • Institute Compendium of Lead Rules
  • Hands-on practice in
    • Planning a risk assessment.
    • Safely collecting paint chip samples.
    • Conducting dust wipe sampling and clearance examinations.
    • Field trip to actual target housing.

  • Methods for identifying lead-based paint (LBP) and LBP hazards.
  • Clearance requirements and techniques for conducting clearance.
  • Regulations affecting LBP work.
  • Liabilities involved with LBP work.

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