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Legionellosis: Description - How it's contracted - Who it affects - Undiagnosed cases - Long-term symptoms.Legionella: What it is - Disease-causing species - Water systems that have it - Biofilm.An overview of guidelines and prevention strategies 

Overview of Legionella HACCP Water Plans

Grasp the big picture before making decisions. Learn about...

  • HACCP principles
  • Determining how many HACCP water plans you need
  • Six tasks involved in developing a Legionella HACCP water plan
  • Documentation, verification, and validation

Allow approx. one hour to complete.

Performing a Water Systems Inventory & Constructing Flow Diagrams

Learn to conduct a thorough facility survey for the purpose of gathering water system information needed in Legionella management plans, including HACCP plans.

  • For consultants, water treatment professionals, engineers, facility managers, health officials
  • Includes a printable water systems survey form and picture checklist (in a downloadable PDF).

Allow 2-3 hours to complete.

Hazard Analysis Summaries & Critical Control Points

Grasp the more technical aspects of Legionella HACCP plans

  • Overview of hazard analysis summaries and critical control points (CCPs)
  • Typical hazard analysis summaries and CCP reasoning for several water systems
  • Four key criteria for control measures Arrangements between owners and lessees
  • Examples of monitoring, frequency, limits, and corrective action

Allow 1-2 hours to complete.

Preparing to Develop a Legionella HACCP Water Plan

For facility managers, health officials, or anyone who wants to offer Legionella-related services.

'This course should be a requirement for anyone who is trying to prevent or eradicate Legionella from building water systems.' - Ken Juillet, Blue Earth Labs

  • This training program consists of courses 101-104 followed by a 30-question exam.
  • Includes a printable water system survey form and picture checklist (downloadable PDF)
  • Certificate upon passing
  • Endorsed by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT).

Allow eight hours to complete the entire program.

Water Temperatures and Legionella in Plumbing Systems

Get the important details about setting and maintaining water temperatures and fixing water temperature problems.

'A must-view for facility managers unfamiliar with the topic.' -- Timothy Allinson, P.E.

  • Considerations for target temperatures
  • Mixing valves: Strategies, types, and before-you-buy considerations
  • Checking temperatures: Why, where, what, frequency, and how
  • Performance limits: What your temperature readings can tell you
  • Ten conditions that can cause temperature problems

Allow two hours to complete.

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