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Lightning & Surge Protection Programme Course



Earthing arrangement. Withdrawal of BS 6651, (old standards). Overview of BSEN 62305-1 protection against lightning. BSEN 62305-2 Risk assessment awareness, (candidates are made aware that a risk assessment should be undertaken by a someone specialising in this field as complex computer software is required). Early streamer emission device to NF C 17-102, (not a BSEN standard). BSEN 62305-3 Physical damage to structures and life covering, air termination, down conductors and earth termination systems. Understanding the rolling sphere method, protective angle method and mesh method of protection.

This Programme Cover (2 days)

  • The separation distance between the lightning protection system and structural metal parts of an installation and internal systems.
  • Inspection and testing theory of the internal lightning protection system
  • Inspection and testing theory of the earth termination system using the fall of potential method and dead known earth test
  • Introduction of BSEN 62305-4 in to BS 7671
  • Lightning damage statistics
  • Lightning/surge protection zone concepts
  • Understanding the terminology used for Type 1, 2, 3 regarding 10/350 and 8/20
  • Single entry point concept
  • Choosing correct arrester for mains incoming, sub-distribution and final sub-circuit.
Programme Structure
The training programme will include a presentation. There will be an end point assessments in the form of a multiple choice assessment and PAWS, (practical assessment work scenario).
Programme Materials
Candidates who hold a copy of BS 7671 are encouraged to bring this with them as this document will be referenced however if you do not have this document you will be shown where the information is in this document.
Programme Requirements
There are no formal entry requirements.

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