IFE Training

IFE Training

LNG Commercial Management Training Course


A masterclass in the commercial and economic dynamics of the LNG industry. The course covers every aspect of the commercial business in the LNG sector and look at technical aspects with a view to their impact on the commercial arrangements. It goes on to examine the economic assessment of projects and investment decision making at each stage in the gas/LNG value chain.

The course

  • Introduces the LNG industry with particular focus on the commercial environment, production and market aspects
  • Explores upstream gas supply and LNG production, including all the relevant agreements and project structures
  • Analyses LNG sales agreements, transportation agreements and regasification agreements, incorporating relevant managerial and operational considerations
  • Explains the key risk management factors currently prevalent in the industry 
  • Illustrates the issues involved with financing a LNG project with a practical focus on how to overcome them

  • The Global LNG Commercial Environment
    • Introduction to the LNG Industry
    • Global Production
    • Global Markets
    • Why Commercial Aspects are so Important
    • Latest Trends
  •  Upstream Gas Supply and LNG Production Joint Ventures
    • Upstream Fiscal & License Agreements
    • Upstream Joint Venture Agreements
    • LNG Project Structures
    • Gas Sales to an LNG Plant
    • The Essence of the LNG Sales Contract
    • Price in the LNG Sales Contract
    • Master Sales Agreement
  • Key LNG Transportation Agreements and Value Creation
    • Shipping Requirements
    • Flexibility and Value Creation in LNG Transportation
  • Key LNG Regasification Agreements, Management and Operations
    • The Latest Developments in LNG Import Terminals
    • Terminal Use Agreement
    • Scheduling and Operations
  • LNG Access to Gad Transmission Networks, Quality Issues and the Final Market
    • Transmission
    • Quality
    • Power Market Evaluation
  • Effective Risk Management: Commercial, Technical and Project Risk Matrix
    • Key Project Risk and Value Identification
    • Handling Risks
    • Disputes
  • Financing LNG Projects
    • LNG Project Financing Essentials
    • Overview of LNG Financing Options

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