Northwest Environmental Training Center (NWETC)

Management and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments


This workshop provides attendees with management and remediation solutions to contaminants in both marine and freshwater sediments including the effects of remediation on the benthic environment. All aspects of contaminated sediments will be reviewed, including determination of contaminant sources, site characterization, remedial technology selection, monitoring, and demonstration of the effectiveness of remedial technology. Participants will come away from this course with the skills and knowledge to assess and remediate contaminated sediments with a scientifically valid and legally defensible plan at minimum cost.

Course Topics

After completing this course, participants will be able to:


*     Distinguish sources and types of contaminants at sites

*     Determine fate and transport of contaminants

*     Understand current remediation strategies and new approaches

*     Assess remediation effectiveness: defining, monitoring, and demonstrating success

*     Apply chemical/toxicological/biological measurements to characterize the site before/after remediation

*     Understand the selection of remedial technology

*     Understand remedial technology deployment methods

*     Apply novel, improved tools and techniques for site-specific assessment of contaminants before/after remediation

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