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Royal Crown

Management the Security Crises and Negotiating Skills Course



Course Objective: Preparation of police officers in general to identify security problems and phenomena which pose potential crises and how to plan for the management of the run and the preparation and review of plans confrontation models for some of the various security crises and how to manage them.

Course topics:

Entrance security systems.
Basic determinants of security systems.
Basic concepts of crises - Relations between crises and related concepts.
Stages of the security crisis management.
Types of crises and analysis dimensions.
Restrictions and the stages of dealing with crises.
Information systems and their role in supporting the security decision.
Scenarios systems in the security crisis management.
Portfolio security crises - sabotage, terrorism and disasters.
Technical Manual for systems security crisis management.

Course Timing: 9:00 Hrs to 2:30 Hrs
Days : 5 days

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