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Marine Resistivity Imaging Seminar


This short course is intended for those professionals interested in continuous resistivity profiling (CRP) with a boat-towed electrode streamer on the water and underwater resistivity imaging with a stationary, underwater cable on the bottom. This seminar will cover all aspects of marine resistivity imaging such as AGI SuperSting R8 Marine system, marine resistivity imaging survey design, field acquisition procedures, data processing and interpretation.

The seminar will begin promptly at 9:00AM and will last until approximately 5:00PM each day. Lunch and refreshments will be provided by AGI.

Seminar Agenda for Marine Resistivity Imaging:

Day 1: Introduction and stationary, underwater cable acquisition

  • Introduction
  • Basic Resistivity Theory
  • Case histories
  • AGI SuperSting R8 Marine system
    • SuperSting R8 Marine meter
    • Electrode streamer
    • Bottom cable
  • Preparation for field survey
  • Underwater resistivity imaging with a stationary, underwater cable

Day 2: Marine tow streamer acquisition

  • Introduction and mobilization to marina
  • Preparation for marine resistivity data acquisition at nearby lake
  • Continuous resistivity profiling (CRP) with a towed electrode streamer in a lake

Day 3: Marine Data Processing

  • Data processing
    • AGI SuperSting Administrator
    • Marine Log Manager
    • AGI EarthImager
    • Processing data collected on Day 1 & Day 2
  • More case histories
  • Recommended literature

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