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Membrane Technologies in Practice Intensive Training Courses & CD-ROMs


For Plant Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Engineers, Supervisors & Business Professionals. MASAR Technologies, Inc., provides medium level to advanced specialized water desalination and membrane technology applications training courses and workshops, either in conjuction with major industry conferences (such as those held by the IDA and EDS), or special events and customized seminars and workshops for your organization's personnel. We also provide recent course and workshop CD-ROM's than can be ordered separately when available.


We also provide a unique service in affiliation with one of our US engineering partners which provides design and production of professional operating & maintenance manuals for the water treatment, power generation and other process industries. 

Contact us today to learn how can we help you train your plant's operators, engineers and superviors on all practical aspects of the membrane technology applications, and also check our upcoming training events worldwide. You can also request a training proposal for your company to meet your specific needs and technical & scheduling requirements.

Feed Water Intake & Well Sources Design;

  1. Plant Operation Optimization
  2. System Design Considerations
  3. Disinfection & Biological After-Growth
  4. Performance Monitoring Techniques
  5. Modernizing Plant Data Automation, Reporting & Monitoring
  6. Membrane Fouling Identification, Biofouling Detection & Prevention
  7. Early-Warning, Real-time Fouling & Performance Monitoring technology
  8. New & Innovative Technologies
  9. Smart Monitroing Systems
  10. Practical Plant Design, Operation & Maintenance Guidelines

Course CD-ROM includes the following subjects in detail

  1. design and operation considerations for open-intake and well water sources.
  2. Desalination Plant Operation Optimization.
  3. Disinfection and biological after-growth; Philosophy of cleaning and how to maximize the system's operational efficiency and minimize its fouling potential via selective maintenance, membrane additions and replacements.
  4. Guidelines for Effective Control of Biofouling via field-proven disinfection and preventative maintenance techniques including
  5. practical biofouling control & prevention guidelines.
  6. System Design Considerations
  7. Integration of membrane technologies and hybrid systems.
  8. System Performance Monitoring Techniques.
  9. Philosophy and practice of ASTM data normalization trending analysis and why it does not adequately provide good monitoring and evaluation of plant performance.
  10. Modernizing Plant Data Automation, Reporting and Monitoring.
  11. Overview of current and future trends in data collection and communication dealing with automated membrane plant on-line operation monitoring performance.
  12. Fouling Prevention Innovations.
  13. Latest efforts in devising ways to prevent membrane fouling including monitoring critical recovery critical flux, simulation modeling and application of nanotechnology.
  14. New and Innovative Technologies for early detection, measurement and monitoring of membrane fouling in real-time, via smart membranes and innovative analytical tools.

The comprehensive course CD-ROM, with web-style links, colorful graphics and illustrations, is also designed for on-the-job utilization by plant operators, engineers, supervisors, consultants, vendors and others.
It contains:

* Full course presentation slides (more than 300 slides).
* 30 Practical plant design, operation & maintenance guidelines.
* 17 Selected internationally-published technical papers.
* Many useful on-line references and resources on covered subjects.
* Real membrane desalination plant case histories.

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