Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization (MICRO)

- Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC) Course



A MICRO Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC) is a specialist who has been professionally trained to remove mold contamination in structures and materials in accordance with certain accepted standards, and to resolve any underlying moisture issue leading to the contamination.

The MICRO CMRC certification recognizes the remediator as having exhibited a proficiency of knowledge required to perform professional mold remediation within the guidelines as outlined in IICRC S520 'Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation', the New York City Department of Health Remediation Guidelines, and the Environmental Protection Agency, including:

  • Contents remediation
  • Structural remediation
  • HVAC remediation

This course is approximately 20 hours in duration and is presented in a convenient and comprehensive format that allows you to study at your own pace with 24/7 online access. MICRO also offers free phone consultation to add to your learning experience. The CMRC course is divided into 17 sessions and covers all you'll need to begin a career as a mold remediator. After successfully completing the online final exam, you'll receive a Nationally-recognized MICRO CMRC certification.

To purchase this course for $349 go to MICRO CMRC Course.

The MICRO CMI course is not a prerequisite for taking the Micro Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC) course. If you are interested in both the CMI and CMRC courses you can purchase the combination package at MICRO CMI/CMRC Package at a significantly discounted price ($469.00).

Topics Covered Include:

  • Principles of Mold Remediation
  • Mold and its Characteristics
  • Mold and Health
  • Building and Material Science
  • Risk Management
  • The Inspection Process
  • Inspection and Monitoring Tools
  • Preliminary Determinations
  • Administration Tasks
  • Containment Materials and Devices
  • Worker Training and Protection
  • Remediation Tools and Methods
  • Structural Remediation
  • HVAC Remediation
  • Contents Remediation
  • Production Chemicals
  • Remediation Challenges

Course Materials:

  • NSI/IICRC S520 Standard For Professional Mold Remediation - 3rd Edition
  • ANSI/IICRC R520 - Reference Guide For Professional Mold Remediation - 3rd Edition
  • Toxic Mold Solutions DVD
  • EPA Documents:
    • A brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home
    • Building Air Quality
    • Fundamentals of IAQ In Buildings
    • HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality
    • Indoor Air and Toxic Materials
    • Moisture, Mold and Mildew
    • Mold Remediation In Schools and Commercial Buildings
    • Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned
    • The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
  • OSHA Documents:
    • Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry
    • Hand and Power Tools
    • Health Effects of Heat – Poster
    • Indoor Air Quality in Commercial and Institutional Buildings
    • Permit-Required Confined Spaces
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Preventing Mold-Related Problems in the Indoor Workplace
    • Small Business Handbook
    • Small Entity Compliance Guide for Employers that Use Hazardous Chemicals

Continuing Education:

  • IICRC - This course qualifies for 7 CE Hours
  • ACAC - This course qualifies for 20 hours as professional development for ACAC re-certification credit. (NOTE: MICRO is an independent course provider not affiliated with the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). ACAC does not develop, accredit or approve training courses, nor does it contract with course providers.)

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Home inspectors, Indoor Air Quality Personnel, Insurance professionals, Real Estate Professionals, Contractors, Maintenance Personnel, and those interested in a new career.

Prerequisite Requirements:

  • None. Some knowledge of construction practices and building science is beneficial, but not essential.

Tuition/Exams/Certification Fees:

  • Course fee includes tuition, course materials, testing and certification, and a 1-year Micro membership

Micro Success Guarantee:

  • If you fail to pass your certification exam for any reason, you can retake our course curriculum and final exam at no additional charge until you achieve a passing grade.

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