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- Operation Course


This three-day course provides foundational training for the daily operation, routine maintenance, and common troubleshooting for the MiniLab 53.  A fourth day is added to cover the spectrometer included in the MiniLab 153.

This course provides the individual with the required knowledge to correctly operate MiniLab Series instruments to obtain accurate and repeatable results to support Condition Based Maintenance programs. Each individual will learn how to properly operate the MiniLab equipment and master Spectro best practices for sample preparation, operation, and report generation in a hands-on learning environment.  This course is designed to raise the proficiency of the operator to produce accurate data, but is not designed as a troubleshooting or repair course.

During the course, attendees will also learn about consumables selection, how instruments function and interact with each other and the software, how to identify and resolve common faults or address inaccuracies and when to reach out to Spectro Service to resolve application or operational issues.

  • Industrial Oil analysis
  • MiniLab overview
    • MiniLab software
    • Chemical analysis and water
    • Viscosity
    • Particle count & ferrous
    • Elemental analysis
  • Sample preparation equipment
  • Instrument detail: Chemical analysis and water
  • Instrument detail: Particle Count & Ferrous
  • Instrument detail: Elemental analysis (Minilab 153 – 4th day of course)
  • OilView structure & setup
    • Spectro Scientific tab in OilView LIMS
    • Asset database and oil reference database
    • Point info, Report setup, Analysis Parameter and Alarm Limits
  • Operation of Minilab: workflow & sample preparation for each test
  • Instrument validation standards & procedures
  • Instrument maintenance
    • Routine maintenance
    • Factory calibration schedules
    • Documentation resources
  • Software: Installing and Updating software and Oil reference databases
  • Other subjects time permitting/as requested

Description: “Factory Training-Minilab 3 day”
Course PN: EDC201
Location: Spectro Scientific headquarters, Chelmsford, MA 
Cost: $1795 per attendee

April 23-25, July 16-18 2019

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