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Minimise Workforce Risk with on-road Driver Awareness Training



DTL's on-road Driver Awareness training is specifically designed for people who are driving for work or professionally in a variety of different vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, 4x4s and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). The training not only addresses the driver's skills and knowledge but also how they interact with other road users. At Develop Training, we've tailored our Driver Awareness training to help motorists spot potential hazards sooner, improving the likelihood of them getting to their destination safely. Our courses cover a range of key areas, crucial to the continued safe driving experience of your workforce.

Find the right on-road driver awareness training programmes for you from our range of courses below:

Fleet Risk Audit
Helps you to understand your exposure to risk by examining your existing management practices and procedures including all legal, duty of care, financial and operational issues.

Driving license validation
Validate or verify your drivers' licences directly with the DVLA. This provides you with the assurance, and peace of mind, that your drivers' licences are valid, which categories if entitlement are current and details of any endorsements.

Driver Assessment
Designed to help you go beyond the basic need to make 'reasonable attempts' to assess your staff's exposure to risk while driving 'at work' by clearly identifying which of your drivers are 'at risk'.

Driver Training
This training can not only address the safety of a driver but also can reduce fleet management costs through more fuel efficient driving skills and/or fewer crashes.

Fleet Risk Management
Knowing your current risk exposure, and particularly who in your driving community has, or has not, completed a specific part of your fleet management programme, is essential.

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