Northwest Environmental Training Center (NWETC)

Model Toxics Control Act: An Introduction


The objective of this one day workshop is to introduce environmental consultants, federal, state and local government staff, and members of the general public to Washington's Model Toxics Control Act (WAC 173-340). This workshop will provide an overview of the MTCA administrative requirements and associated cleanup standards. Participants will also learn the MTCA remedy selection process and public involvement requirements. Both instructors have a deep and thorough understanding of MTCA and will welcome questions at the end of each topic. *This course is immediately followed by the two-day WAPOL-402: Establishing MTCA Cleanup Levels Workshop

Intended Audience:

This course is intended for environmental consultants, federal, state and local government staff and other professionals seeking an improved understanding of the Model Toxics Control Act.

  • verview of MTCA and the 2001 Rule Amendments
  • Rule Authority
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Public Involvement Requirements
  • Remedy Selection Process
  • Cleanup Standards, Cleanup Levels, and Remediation Levels
  • Overview of Method A, B, and C Cleanup Levels for Soil, Surface Water, and Groundwater
  • Proposed MTCA Amendments for Contaminant Mixtures
  • Points of Compliance
  • Overview of Terrestrial Ecological Evaluations (TEE)
  • Protection of Groundwater - Soil Leaching Models
  • Residual Saturation Concentrations
  • Vapor Pathway Evaluation
  • Special Requirements for Petroleum Sites
  • Compliance Monitoring

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