Advanced Groundwater Technologies (AGWT)

Modflow Advanced Training Course

We are excited to present you with our latest offer in the area of groundwater modeling. The ~7 hours course is intended for advanced modellers and include following topics, each lasting about 1 hours.

Topics on MODFLOW Advanced Course training:

  • 3D and 2D Contaminant transport modeling of dissolved species with MT3DMS covering also 1D unsaturated flow and transport modeling with HYDRUS 1D
  • Heat transport modeling in groundwater with MT3DMS and SEAWAT
  • Calibration with PEST method of pilot points with regularization
  • BEOPEST parallel processing in PEST calibration with use of Cloud Servers
  • Density dependent flow (salt water intrusion) with SEAWAT

The course is held ON LINE and the whole communication is via Skype (it has share screen option).

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