Advanced Groundwater Technologies (AGWT)

Modflow Beginners Training Course

Instructor of this course, Dragan Kaludjerovic,PhD, has 20 years in groundwater flow modeling practice and training. First course he held was 1997. and continuously from that year he is giving groundwater flow and contaminant transport courses worldwide.


  • Overview and fundamentals of MODFLOW
  • History and applications of MODFLOW and MODPATH
  • Review of numerical grids, boundary conditions, solvers, etc.

Case Studies:

  • Review of case studies applying MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3DMS

Model Development:

  • Construction of a simple MODFLOW model with MODPATH.
  • Numerical design, two boundary conditions, constant head, river, well, well head capture, drain, changing boundary condition type
  • Construction of a real world case model, assigning no flow and river boundary conditions, importing top and bottom of aquifer in model
  • Moving into the third dimension, 5 layer model, transient simulation

Model Calibration

  • Calibration of models using a real case study, applying PEST and the pilot point method of calibration

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