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Environmental Management Institute, Inc.

Mold Awareness for Maintenance People and Property Managers Course



Molds are naturally occurring parts of the human environment. We can never rid the world of them, nor should we want to: they can help us as well as harm us. While molds in the outdoor environment are not under our control, we can and should control indoor mold growth. Indoor molds can cause a wide variety of human illness, including infections, allergies, triggering asthma, and toxic effects. The primary source of indoor mold problems is excess moisture (as water, vapor, or meltwater) infiltration.

Recent legal actions have focused on the need to rapidly identify and remediate mold intrusions in buildings, although there are currently no regulations or mandatory state or federal standards for how this is to be done.

In this course you will obtain a basic knowledge of what molds are, why they can become a problem, and what should building owners do to reduce their potential liabilities.

  • Institute outline of important mold information
  • Brief summaries of significant guidelines and certification opportunities

  • What is mold?
  • Why can mold be a problem (and when isn't it)?
  • What can be done to assess the problem?
  • What can be done to alleviate the problem?
  • What regulations and guidelines exist for mold-related work?
  • What are the liability issues relating to mold?

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