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Did You Know? New York, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Maryland are the only states that require a mold removal license. Requirements for achieving a mold removal license: A qualified applicant is the only individual that can receive a license. A company cannot carry a license. States require that individuals meet eligibility requirements before starting the application process. There are fees associated with the license procedure such as a application fee, exam fees, license fees. A mold remediation and removal license applicant must complete an accredited course to qualify for the licensing process.

  1. ACAC certification exams are a requirement for a license in Florida.
  2. The Maryland Contractor Licensing Board recommends ACAC certifications.
  3. The New York Toxic Mold Task Force recommends ACAC certifications.
  4. The New Hampshire Mold Task Force recommends ACAC certifications.
  5. The American Lung Association recommends ACAC certifications.
  6. The Federal government specifies ACAC certifications.

New York Florida Louisiana Maryland

Do all mold remediation training courses qualify? Unfortunately, no they do not. There is a lot of misinformation out on the internet about the difference between a mold remediation certification and a mold remediation license. A mold remediation certification is issued by an institute or an organization. A mold remediation license is issued by the state where you will be performing the mold remediation projects. States that require licensing also require that the courses that are provided to the workers are accredited.

Where I go to get my cleaning supplies offer classes do they qualify? Most do not! Most courses offered at those facilities are tiered level learning. That means that you will have different levels of learning offered. Example: Some might be technician training, some will be advanced courses. The state requires that you have all of the designated industry topics covered in course material. A lot of those in house course providers only teach their own created study material. Accredited courses must include all of the industry topics from all areas of the related industry such as state and federal guidelines, contractor, science and engineering community.

How do I start the mold remediation license process? We have the license descriptions and applications here available on our website so you can start the process in as little as a few minutes. Make sure to read the descriptions of the licenses and fill out your application for a license completely before submitting the application. There will be fees that will need to be sent along with your application. Once your application has been approved and you have met the entire eligibility requirements for the state then you will have to schedule a time for a proctored sit down exam at the state of issuing license.

How do I get started training for mold remediation license? To start your training for your mold remediation license you will need to purchase a enrollment key. All of our updated training course and package pricing is available at our Enrollment Center. Currently The Mold Remediation Specialist certification training course is on sale for $299.00 Select the Mold Remediation Specialist Course to begin today! Select your certification course package for mold and start today to begin expanding your education, business and your companies services.

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