National Drilling Association

Monitor Well Construction Certification


74 Questions - This exam follows the proper monitor well construction standards. This exam uses the NDA Drillers Manual as a reference. The NDA Driller's Manual will be provided to the candidate in both PDF and hard copy upon registration for the exam.
The candidate must score 80% or higher on the exam in order to receive the certification.

Pre-approved for Drilling Credit Hours in the following states: Colorado - 4 Credit Hours*; Delaware - 4 Credit Hours; Florida - 6 Credit Hours;

Georgia - 2 Credit Hours**; Indiana - 6 Credit Hours***; Louisiana; Maryland; Minnesota - 4 Credit Hours; Mississippi - 6 Credit Hours;
Nevada - 6 Credit Hours; New Mexico - 2 Credit Hours; North Carolina – up to 6 Credit Hours; Oregon – 6 Credit Hours; Utah - 6 Credit Hours;
Washington - 6 Credit Hours; Wisconsin - 2 Credit Hours; Wyoming - 6 Credit Hours

Qualifies for Drilling Credit Hours in the following states that do not pre-approve: South Dakota, Tennessee

Kentucky (individual driller should submit for approval prior to attending course)
Other states pending approval.

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