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MSHA Safety Training


Our MSHA safety training is about getting hands-on, at your location of choice, and at a date/time most convenient for you. We believe that a customized training experience for your company increases real learning  for the participants and ultimately will lead to a safer work environment in ways other generic trainings can't. Having an on-site MSHA expert work with your team, share real-life stories, and answer your questions in real-time is what sets OECS training experience apart. When you partner with OECS, you add predictability to your mining operations.

Our on-site training is designed to change the way your team thinks about safety on the job, which helps your business:

  • Save money down the line by preventing accidents
  • Meet regulations that may differ from location to location
  • Improve operations with a more knowledgeable team
What’s Unique About OECS MSHA Training and Support?

Like the case with all of our safety clients, we customize your training and audits to be site/hazard specific to your location. Years of experience has taught us that the generic approach does not work. Active miners and outside contractors need an instructor that understands your business, customizing the content, and message to your operation. This is where OECS excels.

MSHA Part 46

  • New Miner Training:
  • 24 Hours
  • Annual refresher training:
  • 8 Hours

MSHA Part 48.5

  • Underground new miner training:
  • 40 Hours
  • Underground experienced miner training:
  • 8 Hours
  • Underground annual refresher:
  • 8 Hours

MSHA Part 48.25

  • Surface new miner training:
  • 24 Hours
  • Surface experienced miner training:
  • 8 Hours
  • Surface annual refresher:
  • 8 Hours

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