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NEBOSH International OHS General Certification Training


All of the developed countries and most of the developing countries have defined, classified and regulated the 'Occupational Safety Specialization' by law. Although developing countries have developed some education and examination systems within the state, these programs, which are predominant in legislation and technical issues, are not sufficient. This is because the OHS field is a multidisciplinary profession that requires not only technical issues but also managerial skills. However, such national certification programs apply only to the country concerned, but are unable to enforce their profession outside the jurisdiction. NEBOSH International OHS General Certificate Training is the world's most well-known occupational safety expertise international professional certification program, which has emerged to close the above gap and is held in almost every country.

Original Name of Education

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

Accreditation Agency

  • NEBOSH is the UK's national occupational health and safety examination institution. The board of directors of the institution established in 1979 consists of members from IOSH, HSE and other similar institutions. Each year in NEBOSH's exams, an average of 35,000 people in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Why the Returning Man

  • Dönmez Adam, NEBOSH institution as the authorized course provider center 1463 NEBOSH certification training under their license.
  • NEBOSH training in Turkey should open its training requirements as part of corporate training institutions to regulate the maximum number (more than 50 training by mid-2018)
  • Turkey's largest NEBOSH reference list

For Who?

  • Occupational safety specialists and managers, a significant portion of the workplace, the managers with OHS issues, managers who work in key areas in hazardous sectors

Education time

  • 10 days training + 1 day exam

Participation Charter

  • There is no requirement for participation in the Turkish language. For the English language education, the only requirement for participation is to have a good command of English.

Training Method

  • Education is carried out face to face in a classroom environment. The training includes a large number of group work and mock exam / home assignments.


Participants who are successful in the exam are entitled to receive the NEBOSH International General Certificate, which provides a unique accreditation on international standards, in particular on the basis of multinational companies, of NEBOSH.

When the education in the Turkish language is successful in the English language, the certificate to be obtained is prepared in English and there is no mention of the language in which the education is given.

You can find more detailed information from the following links:

  • Nebosh Introduction
  • Brochure
  • My English Is Enough? (English for education)
  • Curriculum Summary
  • What They Said
  • Some Institutions Participating in NEBOSH

Accredited Trainings

  • IOSH Managing Safely Training
  • NEBOSH International OHS General Certification Training

Specific Trainings

  • Basic OHS
  • Occupational Safety Basic Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (1 Day)


  • Health and Safety Management in Hand and Body Studies
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment - Applied
  • Evaluation Techniques in Ergonomic Risk Management

Construction Industry

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Training in Construction Works
  • Scaffolding Inspection
  • OHS Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Civil Works
  • TÜV Austria Certified Scaffold Inspector Training (Theoretical)


  • HAZOP Training
  • Atex - Hazardous Region Classification and Explosion Protection Document
  • Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Red Line Management in Technical Safety
  • Management of Machine Risks

Petrochemical Industry

  • HAZOP Training
  • Atex - Hazardous Region Classification and Explosion Protection Document
  • Petrochemical Industry Occupational Health - Safety and Environmental Legislation
  • Oil and Fuel Sector Health Safety and Environmental Management
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for the Petroleum and Fuel Sector
  • Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for the Chemical Industry

Driving Safety

  • Defensive Driving
  • Fleet Risk Management Training
  • Driver Fatigue and Insomnia
  • Defensive Driving (Open General)

Managerial Trainings

  • OHS Leadership
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Change Management in Occupational Safety Processes

Trainings On OHS Professionals

  • Unsaid Secrets of OSH Management
  • Safety and Management of Employee Behaviors


  • Emergency and Crisis Management
  • Basic Fire Training (Electronic Fire Simulator)

Environmental Education

  • Environmental Waste Management

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