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NEPA Toolbox Workshop Series


ETCI's NEPA Toolbox workshops constitute a proven “off the shelf” environmental impact assessment curriculum, developed in response to US government client needs.

The NEPA Toolbox curriculum currently consists of the following core and advanced courses, which can be taken individually or together:

Core Courses

Essentials for the NEPA Practitioner: This two-day workshop provides the “big picture” of what NEPA (the National Environmental Policy Act) does, and how the NEPA process works, including initial scoping, identifying significant issues, developing appropriate alternatives, creating effective public involvement strategies, and the relationship of NEPA to other environmental requirements such as cultural resources management and Endangered Species Act..

Facilitating the NEPA Process: This one-day workshop provides specific tools including protocols, checklists, and strategies for managing internal Interdisciplinary Teams, contractors, and the public to ensure smooth functioning of the entire NEPA process, from initial scoping to final production of the Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement.

EAs with FOCUS: This two-day workshop prepares participants to plan, organize, and write a concise Environmental Assessment that complies with the National Environmental Policy Act regulations and their own agency-specific requirements. Participants will apply the five principles of ETCI’s FOCUS concept to preparing an EA storyboard for an actual project.

Positive Public Involvement: This two-day workshop includes all the tools necessary to design and develop a positive public involvement program under the National Environmental Policy Act, including setting objectives, analyzing the audience, choosing appropriate public involvement methods, and developing public involvement evaluation measures of success

Integrating NEPA with Section 106: This one-day workshop covers the new National Historic Preservation Act regulations, which provide for a more comprehensive integration of Section 106 compliance with the NEPA process

Assessing Cumulative Impacts: This two-day workshop provides systematic tools for identifying cumulative effects and using the seven primary and four special methods of analysis contained in the Council on Environmental Quality cumulative effects guidance.

Preparing NEPA Documentation: This three-day workshop combines an overview of the entire NEPA process with hands-on applications to preparing Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements. Emphasis is placed on Environmental Impact Statements in this workshop; those who mostly prepare EAs should take our EAs with FOCUS course

Advanced Courses

Bulletproofing Your NEPA Documents: This one-day workshop covers such topics as litigation strategies of plaintiffs and agencies, key areas of vulnerability in NEPA processes and documents, developing effective “bullet-proofing” for your NEPA processes and documents, and creating administrative records that support you in court.

How to Review EAs and EISs: This two-day workshop helps internal agency reviewers, consulting agency reviewers, and NGO and public reviewers understand what they should be looking for in a NEPA document, where it should be, and how to go about conducting effective and helpful reviews. Council on Environmental Quality and US Environmental Protection Agency guidance is applied to one or more case studies. Participants also will review and analyze national award-winning EISs from several agencies.

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