Caribbean Environmental Health Institute

Occupational Health and Safety and Indoor Air Quality

CEHI’s has established an extensive online workers’ health information clearinghouse. CEHI also routinely provides OHS technical advice to Member States e.g. advice on worker radiation exposure in Dominica, noise meters in Saint Kitts, protective respiratory gear in Saint Lucia. The institute also carries out regional and national level OHS training e.g. safe removal of asbestos containing materials in Saint Lucia and a regional OHS workshop for water utility operators held in Dominica in 2009. The institute has also carried out OHS risk assessments and noise surveys for private companies upon request.

There has been an increase in reported cases of ill health in the Caribbean as a result of workplace air quality conditions. This includes complaints of coughing, sneezing and watery eyes which are directly linked to the quality of indoor air that employees breathe. Indoor air pollutants include physical, biological and chemical agents such as dust, mould, paints and cleaning solutions. CEHI conducts a number of indoor air quality outreach activities in the form of training programs, technical advice and IAQ investigations in the Institute’s Member States.

CEHI, UNEP and the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) are collaborating in the promotion of clean fleets in the region. This partnership seeks to assist both public and private vehicle fleets to meet the challenges of climate change, through tackling emissions from road transport, as well as achieving cost savings through improved fuel efficiency. In 2011 CEHI along with its partners hosted the first regional workshop on Clean Fleet Management Training.

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