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On-Site Cross-Connection Control Training


Objective: Review fundamental concepts of Cross-Connection Control (backflow prevention), at your Water System Site, so that your System Operator can develop a 'Hands On' understanding of what is involved in protecting a Potable Water System against uncontrolled plumbing cross-connections between process waters and/or other potential sources of contamination.

NOTE: A two-hour, Power-Point presentation of Cross-Connection Control concepts can be provided in lieu of (or as supplementation to) the field training. 


    • Definitions and hydraulics
      • Back Pressure
      • Back Siphonage
      • Types of Cross-Connections
      • Isolation Control
      • Containment Control
    • Physical and Mechanical means of Backflow Protection
      • Air-Gap Separation
      • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
      • Double Check-Valve Assembly
      • Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker
      • Pressure Vacuum Breaker
      • Reduced Pressure-Principle Assembly
    • Site Inspection/Sanitary Survey
      • Certified Cross-Connection Control Specialist
      • Cross-Connection Control Survey
      • Pipeline Identification
      • Degree of Hazard
      • Site-Specific Backflow Preventer Application
      • Report of Findings
  • Installation and Testing of Backflow Prevention Assemblies
    • Assembly Installation Requirements
    • Certified Tester Requirements
    • Test Equipment
    • Test Records

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