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On-Site Training


Environmental Education Foundation is renown for providing on-site group training that gets phenomenal results! If you have a group that could benefit from intensive training in virtually any business skill, then we encourage you to consider on-site training.Our highly experienced team will deliver training on virtually any environmental topic, fine-tuning the material to meet your exact needs. An expert trainer will lead your group in skill-building sessions that'll prove to be exciting, memorable, and most importantly, make an immediate difference in on-the-job performance.Whether you need to train 100 field personnel on OSHA compliance or teach 20 new managers on your Operations and Maintenance plan, we can deliver. And, we'll present the training anywhere and anytime it's most convenient for your organization.

Convenient and Cost Effective
Expect a high return from your training dollar … On-site programs offer your organization an exceptional value for the training dollar. We WILL keep your training investment affordable while making a powerful, lasting impact on your organization.

Here's exactly what you'll get when you choose on-site training:

A dynamic expert trainer who'll motivate and inspire employees to perform at peak levels - and who'll answer all their questions A course created specifically for your company that includes up-to-the-minute information on the must-have job skills employees need Workbooks that can be used not only during the training, but afterward as a valuable resource and desktop reference tool What's more, your organization realizes big-time savings by eliminating high costs for employee travel and lodging - because your people stay put!

Convenience that's unsurpassed! The convenience of on-site training simply can't be overstated. You schedule training whenever it works best for your organization and your employees, and you name the location, whether it's at your site, at a retreat or at a hotel or meeting place in your area. Just choose the time, the place and the topic, and we'll do the rest!

On-Site Training

We'll Tailor The Training to Achieve Your Organization's Specific Goals!

We have developed and delivered more than 1,000 customized on-site training programs. That means we've helped hundreds of organizations like yours increase their productivity, improve their effectiveness and achieve maximum environmental understanding at the level they need to understand it - that means no 'science' for the un-scientific. You can expect the highest quality of training available anywhere.

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