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- RCRA: What the Law Requires


This course explains the history of the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA), its structure and its key elements that provide the framework for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) comprehensive waste management program. The course discusses the specific requirements of various types of facilities that treat, store, transport or dispose of hazardous waste. The standards covered in this course include those that direct the operation and management of permitted and interim facilities, as well as requirements for the closing and post-closing procedures of hazardous waste facilities with the goal of protecting human health and the environment. Finally, the course discusses the various ways that hazardous waste is tracked and monitored while it is generated, received, treated, stored, and disposed of, including import and export requirements. After successfully completing this 4 hour course, participants will be able to print a Certificate of Training..

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
- Explain the importance of RCRA regulations in managing hazardous wastes
- Describe the standards used for different types of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities
- Discuss the financial assurance requirements for corrective actions under RCRA
- Discuss a manifest system including discrepancies, unmanifested waste, and operating records
- Identify requirements for the monitoring, recordkeeping, and closure procedures of hazardous waste

Lesson 1: RCRA - The Law

• History and Amendments

• RCRA Program and Key Elements

• RCRA Structure-How It Works

Lesson 2: TSDFs

• General Facilities Standards

• Preparedness and Prevention Standards

• Contingency Plans and Emergency Procedu

Quiz Information:

All quizzes must be passed with a 70% to proceed forward to the next lesson.

Final Exam:

The final exam is composed of 10 questions and must be mastered by 70% to receive your certificate of completion.

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