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Organic Chemistry Advances Using Real-Time In Situ FTIR



METTLER TOLEDO has announced the sixth installment of its ongoing Recent Advances webinar series. “Recent Advances in Organic Chemistry by Academia Using Real-Time In Situ FTIR” is now available on-demand. All interested parties including organic chemists, R&D chemists, engineers, scientists, team leads and department managers are invited to view.

Part VI of this webinar series focuses only on American Chemical Society (ACS) Journals research articles where real-time in situ FTIR advanced chemical research in academia.  During this online seminar, the role that ReactIR™ played as the enabling technology to gain insight into the chemistry of six articles is reviewed to illustrate the various applications of in situ FTIR.

METTLER TOLEDO Senior Technical Manager Paul Scholl will provide insight into how METTLER TOLEDO’s ReactIR™ in-situ monitoring served as valuable enabling technology in each study reviewed. Paul has extensive experience in FTIR reaction analysis and reaction monitoring. 

“Organic chemistry advances are enhanced by ReactIR™—which is rapidly becoming the standard in academic research—because it provides detailed information about key reactive species and concentrations in challenging environments,” explained Scholl. “Mid-IR molecular specificity coupled with real-time information collection under reaction conditions facilitates key understandings of reaction pathways and offers a comprehensive knowledge of kinetics that offline sampling cannot.”
An interactive Q&A session following the presentation will provide an opportunity to ask questions relevant to your particular technology application. 

Register today for “Recent Advances in Organic Chemistry by Academia Using Real-Time In Situ FTIR – Part VI” by visiting our website:

When you do, you will receive access to Parts I, II, III, IV and V on-demand.

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