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Organisational Carbon Accounting - One to One Training


Small and medium sized companies that decided to undertake voluntaryorganisational carbon accounting such as the CEMARS or carboNZero should be resourcing the work internally within their own organisations.  This means that staff who will manage the process need to be have knowledge of the accounting process and the rules relating to specific standards andprogrammes.

Aura have in house experts in the carbon accounting process to ISO,CEMARS and carboNZero and understand the pitfalls and areas where measurement projects can run over time and over budget.  This training has been designed as an intensive course for those who will be managing carbon accounting projects within an organisation.

The training syllabus is as follows:

  1. Climate change overview
  2. Greenhouse gases – an overview
  3. The history of carbon accounting
  4. What is the Kyoto Protocol?
  5. What is carbon offsetting (if applicable)
  6. Programme specific history (CEMARS or carboNZero)
  7. The measurement and certification process
  8. Putting together a project team
  9. Resources available
  10. Measurement
  11. Approaches, What are emissions sources, Understanding Scopes 1, 2, 3, What is primary and secondary data, What are emissions factors, What do the specific programmes require, Where do you get the information from, Tips in data collection and collation, Design an ongoing system, Using E-manage Software
  12. Reporting
  13. What are the requirements of an emissions inventory report, Company Policy on change and carbon reduction, Producing a carbon reduction plan and reduction report
  14. Audit
  15. The RFP process, Preparing for verification, Audit tips, The actual audit – what to expect
  16. Offsetting
  17. What offsets are available, What to consider when choosing an offset
  18. Marketing
  19. Options for marketing your certification, What you can and can’t claim, Educating others to make sure the message is correct
  20. Ongoing Management and Recertification

There is huge management capability in this offering.  Using carbon consultants for GHG projects is vastly expensive and if non-specialist activities can be managed internally it will save considerable money for an SME.   After delivery of this training, management representatives will be able to manage the footprinting process internally within their organisations in a vastly more cost effective manner than other options that are open to them – hire a consultant, or learning the process on the fly.

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