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OTI carries out training programs for clients and partners, which are mandatory for OTI employees directly involved in projects. These training programs are positioned for both oil spill response on water and decontamination of soil; including themes as bioremediation of contaminated soils, cleaning of polluted objects, tank cleaning, oil sludge treatment, hazardous waste, waste management. Focus contaminants: BTEX, C5-C10, C10-C40 and >C40. OTI trainings are geared to show the participants how to make best use of OTI's products and services, how to achieve best results, about the range of OTI's services, the involvement of OTI's scientific division and the case-specific use of the services.

These trainings are conducted upon client’s schedules but usually once per quarter of a year and are usually held at OTI’s Demo, Test and Research Facility in Ban Kai, Thailand (OTI’s scientific campus). The training is open for- and attended by clients, OTI partners and OTI employees.

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