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Outline of Field Demonstration Training


Demonstration objectives; The prime objective of this outdoor drilling demonstration is to provide the attendee with an understanding of the systematic approach taken in the advancement of a borehole to obtain overburden and rock samples at hazardous waste sites. The second objective will be the demonstration of the proper techniques and protocols that must be followed during the installation of a monitoring well, which will serve to collect water samples for an extended period after the drilling program is completed at any particular site.

Drill rig:

  • Description of equipment
  • Drill capabilities
  • Selection of the proper type of drill rig, to meet job requirements
  • Safety at the drill site

Decontamination protocols:

  • Drill rig
  • Drill tools

Soil sampling equipment:

  • Presentation and explaination of samplers available
  • Hollow stem augering and soil sample collection
  • Overburden continous coring systems
  • Proper handling of soil samples upon retrevial picture

Rock drilling tools:

  • Wireline coring equipment
  • Roller bits
  • Diamond core bits

Monitoring well installation:

  • Description of materials utilized
  • Pvc screen and riser pipe
  • Gravel packs
  • Sealing materials
  • Monitoring well installation pr0tocols
  • Wellhead protection

Question and answer session:
Time will be available to answer any questions during and at the completion of the installation of a monitoring well.

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