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Oxygen Gas-Phase Measurement – Without A Sampling System!



This 20-minutes webinar will showcase major benefits that result from the use of amperometric measurement systems in hazardous as well as non-hazardous area.

Measuring systems based on amperometric technology particularly well suited for the measurement of gaseous oxygen in blanketing, inertization and off-gas monitoring applications. Because they are insensitive to moisture and dust, they do not require any gas sampling system and can be installed directly into the process gas stream, increasing the safety of the installation by measuring there, where it matters most.

Not only are amperometric systems able to accurately track the oxygen level in the process, but they are also more convenient to maintain than other current measurement systems such as paramagnetic and Zirconium Dioxide ZrO2) systems. Instead of mandatory maintenance breaks of at least one day, amperometric systems can be safely extracted from a continuous process and maintenance can be performed in two minutes.

The classified processes are:

  • high operational availability of the loop due to long maintenance intervals and extremely simplified maintenance
  • low operation costs with consumable membranes that are cost-efficient and easy to replace by design
  • fast return on Investment (ROI) payback time when compared to paramagnetic or ZrO2 systems
  • improved system safety and predictive maintenance through the use of the ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) Technology

Your online presenter, Juergen Illerhaus, will share his experience in the implementation of analytical inline equipment in industry processes. He is product manager at Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics.


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