Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC)

Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC)

Pipe Fusion Courses



 All polyethylene pipe fusions that are part of a heat exchanger have to be assembled by socket or butt fusion. Generally, during the installation of a geothermal system, two specialists are potentially called upon to complete the work related to fusion: the driller and/or installer. The situation will vary according to the region and sometimes even according to the company. What is important is that the work be executed according to the proper rules of fusion.

It is no surprise, then, that the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) requires a fusion certificate in order to apply for installer and/or driller accreditation. Those who have been working in the geothermal industry for a few years know that most manufacturers and distributors offer fusion courses to their clients. Certain distributors even refuse to sell equipment to installers who do not renew their fusion certificate. This is an important element for the quality of installations and ensures that the work is done by a qualified and highly capable workforce.

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