Procontrol, S.L.

- Basic Tests, Start-ups, Inspections, Certificates and Training


All our supplies pass the tests and trials in accordance with prevailing regulations. In the event of electric cabinets, the corresponding CE marking is issued (complying with the low voltage directives, electromagnetic compatibility and machine safety); the cabinet safety tests are carried out which are basically: dielectric rigidity, insulation resistance and continuity and a general acceptance test is carried out at our workshops which is better known as the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

Certain clients may require accredited companies to carry out the inspections of our supplies at our premises, following the procedures commenced above. In such cases, inspection days are carried out at which the inspectors can compare the supply of our system with he documentation and the inspection protocols provided.

Once at the site of the client, the corresponding acceptance tests are carried out, better known as the SATs (Site Acceptance Test) and, where necessary, depending on the scope of the supplies and the requirements of the client (pharmaceutical industry), the corresponding IQ are carried out (Installation Qualification) as well as the OQ (Operational Qualification), subject to the client having the Functional Specifications of the system and a DQ protocol (Design Qualification).

Finally, the corresponding documentation is submitted, including system operating manuals, as well as carrying out the training of system operators.

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