Product Identification and Traceability Courses


This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all companies that need to develop and implement Product Traceability Systems. including companies in the produce, meat, and processed food fields.

Product Traceability is far more than simply the ability of a manufacturer to trace a product from its source to its ultimate destination. Effective Product Traceability systems give the manufacturer the ability to trace product through all of its processing procedures usually by the use of a lot number. Product traceability systems are generally implemented by a company to provide a window into what happened to the products from Receival to Dispatch. The Product Traceability system can then be used to provide customers with processing data for the compliance to set procedures and policies and in turn to provide the Customer with confidence in the integrity of your products..Product Traceability systems are an invaluable tool in the event that a Product Recall or Product Withdrawal becomes necessary.The ability to quickly identify the source of Raw Materials, locate and review process data and the ability to locate and notify recipients enables rapid recall of suspect products and proper investigation of the root cause of the problem and assignment of responsibility.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Regulatory provisions in regard to Product Traceability Systems.
  • Buyer driven Product Traceability requirements.
  • Time is critical.
  • Trace back to raw materials. (Supplier and Inventory management)
  • The Production Process - What happened between when we received the Materials and when we Dispatched them. Who received them, How were they stored before use, Who processed them, Who inspected them, What tools were used, What were the processing requirements, Were they followed?, What were the machinery configurations, and when was the lot produced.
  • Forward Traceability (The distribution chain)
  • The cost of a recall - Product - Retrieval - Disposal - Reputation - Customer Confidence
  • Testing the Product Traceability System - Mock Recall

Who Will Benefit: The employees who will benefit include:

  • Senior Management
  • Quality Assurance personnel who must develop and implement Product Traceability Systems.
  • Members of the Distribution chain.
  • Auditors and those with food safety inspection roles
  • Regulatory personnel
  • Consultants
  • Quality system auditors

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