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Professional Training Mobile Towers

The Work at Height Regulations 2005, require that the assembly, dismantling or alteration of Mobile Access Towers should only be undertaken by a competent person, or if being trained, under the supervision of a competent person.

A competent person is a person who can demonstrate that they have sufficient professional or technical training, knowledge, actual experience, and authority* to enable them to:-

  • carry out their assigned duties at the level of responsibility allocated to them;
  • understand any potential hazards related to the work (or equipment) under consideration;
  • detect any technical defects or omissions in that work (or equipment), recognise any implications for health and safety caused by those defects or omissions, and be able to specify a remedial action to mitigate those implications.

Going onto or assembling a mobile access tower will involve working at height. The Advisory Committee on Work at Height Training (ACWAHT) indicate that for anyone who works at height, the above definition of a competent person implies:

  • To know and understand the specific legal duties under the Work at Height Regulations which apply to them as an individual
  • To understand who controls their activity and the lines of communication to use
  • To understand the principles of fall protection that the Regulations require to be used
  • To be able to recognise safe and unsafe situations / activities
  • To understand how to deal with the hazards associated with the task allocated to them
  • To have adequate training in the correct use and limitations of any work equipment allocated to them for the task
  • To understand the need for and the ability to check the adequacy of the safety equipment allocated to them
  • If that equipment has been issued to them on a personal basis, an understanding of the correct procedure for storage, maintenance and inspection
  • To understand safe procedures of work and state the correct procedure for the task, the emergency (including rescue) procedures in place for the work and their role in it
  • To know the procedure for reporting any defects, hazards or unsafe procedures they detect

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