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Protection from Disasters Course



Course Description: Risk management is basically a planning tool for risk management both risk assessment and the results of risk and what are the potential risks, whether from work or group based on carrying out a coordinated and planned steps through which knowledge of the risks and the possibility of their occurrence and are divided into a number of steps and tasks.

Main topics:

  • Risks Management Responsibilities
  • Responsibilities Risks Management
  • Objectives Risks Management
  • Procedure at Work Risks Management
  • Risks Analysis
  • Procedure at Work Risks Analysis
  • Risk
  • Risk Specification
  • Precautions
  • Risks Assessment
  • General Assessment Procedure
  • Danger and Injury Assessment Procedure
  • Control Procedures

Course Timing: 9:00 Hrs to 2:30 Hrs
Days : 5 days

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