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Qualified Individual Spill Response Course


The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Compliance - Qualified Individual (QI) Training - 3 Days/24 Hours The Goal of this Training is to Prepare the Qualified Individual (QI) to Manage an Oil Spill Incident as the Designated QI and/or On Scene Incident Commander and that he/she be Fully Capable to Perform the following duties: Have Full Authority to Implement Removal Action; Commit the Financial Resources of the Company to Prevent or Clean up an Oil Spill; Communicate with the appropriate Federal Officials and the Persons Providing Personnel and Equipment for the Spill; Ensure the Response Resources Identified by the Facility Plan Holder will Commence Appropriate Response Actions in a Timely Manner. 24 Hours of Classroom Instruction over 3 Days. This Course is offered as both an Open Enrollment and a Company Specific Course.

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities of the QI
  • Applicable Governmental Regulations
  • Homeland Security
  • Media Relations
  • Incident/Unified Command System
  • Crisis Management
  • PREP Exercise Program
  • Notification and Documentation Procedures
  • Facility, Area and National Contingency Plans
  • Available Resources - Private/Governmental
  • Roles of Federal/State Environmental Agencies
  • Oil Spill Response Strategies
  • Duties and Roles of Spill Management Team

  • Incident Command System
  • Spill Trajectory Demonstration
  • Public Affairs/Media Presentation
  • Spill Management Team Tabletop

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