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Quality Control & Quality Assurance



Objectives: Presenting the basic concepts of total quality management and tools. Provide participants with specific tools for TQM enable them to improve performance, productivity and quality in their organizations. Give participants the ability to pursue the principle of total quality in operations management by introducing and applying the principles and tools of total quality, such as the use of statistical methods.


TQM: concept, tools and application management.
Statistical methods in quality: Paintings Quality Control
Concept changes and their relationship to quality
Quality control panels for recipes
Plates Quality control variables
Interpretation boards Quality Control
Statistical methods in quality: acceptance samples Acceptance Sampling
Unilateral, bilateral and multi-examination plans
The concept of risk factory and consumer risk
Quality costs
Failures costs
Evaluation costs
Costs prevent errors
Calculate the cost of quality
Quality productivity relationship
Enhance the quality Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
QFD concept of building a 'house of quality' HOQ
Data and how to get it
Interpretation of results and decision-making
Quality management models:
ISO 9001: 2000
American Quality Award (Malcolm Bald ridge)
Japanese Quality Award (Deming Prize)
Data analysis tools for the purposes of quality:
Schemes Brito
Reasoning schemes
Operations schemes
Quality costs account.
Statistical methods in quality.
Managers and staff of quality circles, production, administrative affairs, financial affairs in the industrial and service enterprises.

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