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Radiation Safety Training

Qal-Tek’s staff is highly experienced and familiar with the license and regulatory requirements associated with each specific use of radiation for construction and industrial process licensees.  Our training has been utilized by State departments of transportation, federal organizations, and many large private organizations across the entire United States.   We have worked with many organizations to develop specific and detailed training curriculums.

We know how expensive and frustrating it can be to corrdinate and find a reasonable training option.  Qal-Tek offers several delivery systems to better accommodate the course material, time, and budgets.  The three delivery mechanisms include onsite training, webinars, and online Computer Based Training (CBT).  All of our courses meet or exceed applicable regulatory training requirements and provide a signed certificate upon successful completion.

Training is available at our company headquarters in Idaho Falls as well as at your site. These courses are delivered by our Radiation Safety Representatives who have many years of field experience. This course format allows participants to not only engage directly with the instructor, but can often times speak more directly to a companies specific circumstances or needs.  See the list of scheduled courses we offer at our company headquarters and the minimums required or call to arrange an onsite course at your company.

Our webinar classrooms offer interactive discussions with a live RSP instructor without the added expense and time in travel. Our webinars are extremely easy to participate in and follow. Once registered, we will send you a link that takes you directly into the webinar site and all you have to do is enter your unique registration code. The only requirements are that you have a PC with a video camera, microphone and connection to the internet. It’s not only easy, it’s also a fun way to learn with the added benefit of hearing the questions, concerns, and problems from others in your industry.

Online Computer Based Training (CBT) courses facilitate the demands of busy personnel as well as tight travel budgets. Our CBT courses are designed to be stand-alone learning tools that deliver quality content in an interactive and informative manner.

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