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Regulatory Training Courses


These courses are tailored to orient a person who has never played a role in the oil and gas sector. This course will outline the oil and gas industry, give vaulable glossary of industry terms and vocabulary, as well as take an individual through the outline of how oil is found, produced and brought to market.

“Why We File, What We File”

This is a clear explanation of all  forms that are required to be filed by oil and gas companies with regulating entities. It explains the information that is required to fill out these forms and the reasons they are asking these questions. It isn’t enough to be told to put this information into this space. When your staff knows why they are doing it and why it is important, they are then able to catch mistakes before they happen.

So many times personnel in the field are busy. When they report information to be used  fro tregulatory purposes they sometimes can mistype or forget information . You want your regulatory staff to have the know-how to spot when information is incorrect. You want to catch and correct errors in reporting before they are in the hands of reporting agencies.

Oil & Gas Regulatory 101

This course walks students through the process of taking the well from the start of permitting to the end of completion. All  forms  required for this process will be discussed and populated.  They will be state specific. The course starts at the initial permitting of a well and walks through to the final reporting of the completion of the well.

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