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Resistivity Imaging Seminar


A three-day seminar focusing on Electrical Resistivity Imaging with the SuperSting Electrical Resistivity Imaging system. The AGI Resistivity Imaging Seminar is designed for those professionals who are involved in, beginning to consider, or have oversight/review responsibilities of others currently conducting DC Resistivity or IP imaging surveys. This seminar is a 'hands-on' seminar covering DC Resistivity and IP imaging topics such as: theory; data acquisition; field procedures; data processing; data presentation; and interpretation using the AGI SuperSting Earth Resistivity/IP/SP System and AGI EarthImager software.

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Resistivity/IP concepts and theory
  • Instrumentation
    • The SuperSting system
    • SuperSting menu by menu
  • Preparing for field survey
    • Estimate depth penetration
    • Determine electrode separation
    • Comparing different electrode arrays
    • Prepare command files
    • Load command files into the SuperSting memory
    • Discussion of 'best practices' for field acquisition
  • Electrical resistivity case histories

Day 2:

  • Field survey and field acquisition discussions
  • Downloading data from the SuperSting
  • Introduction to data processing with AGI EarthImager2D
  • Interactive discussion and practice of Roll-Along with SuperSting

Day 3:

  • Advanced discussion of EarthImager data processing software
  • Detailed look at the features of EarthImager 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D (Time-lapse) and SP Analyzer, e.g.:
  • Resistivity Imaging methods
    • Measurements
    • Geometric factor
    • Pseudosection
    • Common arrays
    • Number sense
    • Typical applications
  • Resistivity Imaging Theory
    • Why inversion?
    • Forward modeling
    • Inverse modeling
    • What is an inversion?
    • Modeling mesh
    • Infinity electrode handling
    • Starting model
    • Stop criteria
    • Thresholds for noisy data removal
    • Advanced features
  • Survey Design
    • Electrode spacing
    • Depth of investigation
    • Slide-along vs roll-along
    • 3D electrode layout
    • Array Types
    • 2D and 3D Command Creators
    • Survey Planner
  • Discussion of Resistivity data interpretation

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