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Security Checkpoints and Control Course



Course objectives: This course is aimed at consolidating the basic principles and concepts of safety and to familiarize participants with the most important issues and risks and accidents encountered during the performance of his work and the various influences that may hinder performance and how to overcome them with the development of Musharraf skills Security, which make it able to perform their duties efficiently.

Course topics:

  • The traditional concept of security and safety
  • Modern concepts of security and safety and its impact on production and regularity of work
  • Safety and Security Economics
  • The reasons for the losses and means of command and control
  • The concept of accidents and their causes
  • Modern scientific basis for the management of safety and security during and after the incident
  • Safety and Security business description
  • The realization of technical-administrative work-engineering works
  • Choice over the validity of the security systems
  • Principles of security supervision
  • And personal attributes Security Supervisor.
  • The role of the supervisor and the effective role of the President of the Security.
  • Scientific asset management and security operations.
  • Effective communication in the security field.
  • Human behavior and psychology.
  • Supervision as a security control.
  • Security leadership styles.
  • Discipline in the security field.
  • Oversight role in the security of the facility.
  • Measuring and evaluating the performance of the security man.
  • Security Strategy of the facility and to develop contingency plans.
  • Control of the security at the entrances and exits of the established method.
  • The contingency plan at the facility and the powers and responsibilities of leadership.
  • Method of implementation of the shift schedules.
  • The outer perimeter of the facility secure method.
  • CCTV.
  • Evaluation and selection of the detection and warning systems.
  • Security inspection of the facility.
  • Process on the emergency plan at the facility applications.

Course Timing: 9:00 Hrs to 2:30 Hrs
Days : 5 days

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