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Shaft alignment, while just one small part of machinery maintenance, is nevertheless critical to keeping machinery operating. We have therefore decided to make it our mission to contribute to the resurgence of American manufacturing. One way we plan to do that is through a program of support for schools that provide manufacturing training, and more specifically machinery maintenance training including shaft alignment.

We can offer the following support:

1. Realigning America Scholarships

To assist the students, VibrAlign will award $500 scholarships to 12 students in 2013, three each quarter, with the winners drawn from students who submit the winning alignment articles or essays. The submissions will be judged to select the winners.

Winning submissions will appear in The Shaft Alignment Blog —

Submissions must be about a shaft alignment that the student has performed. Share the details of your alignment experience, what you found challenging in the alignment, how you solved any problems that were encountered. We suggest you take a look at the Alignment Blog to see the style of the posts about alignments.

Student submissions should be 300 to 600 words in length and include at least one photograph of the subject alignment. Students should also include a brief bio and a photo of themselves.

The student entry and essay submission form can be found below.

The next quarterly deadline is December 31st, 2013. Future deadlines are March 31st, 2014; June 30th, 2014; and September 30th, 2014.

2. No Cost Alignment Equipment

For educational institutions who have at least one student who enters the competition for the quarterly honorariums, we are offering an opportunity to have the use of a laser alignment system for one year at no charge, awarded by drawing. VibrAlign will determine and announce the models (NXA Pro, XA, GO Pro or GO Basic/Wind) and quantities available prior to the drawing. All we ask of the winners is that they post a link to the Alignment Resource Center or the VibrAlign website on their website (and we will link back).

3. Access to Information

VibrAlign is offering all educators an opportunity to have unlimited access to our alignment resources, including:

  • The Alignment Resource Center at Our alignment resource center has videos, images, manuals, technical papers, alignment forums and links to other websites and blogs, all to further the shaft alignment education of their students. The Alignment Resource Center starts with the basics of dial indicators, pre-alignment, installation and best practices all the way to laser alignment to make sure the students receive the best overall information.
  • The Alignment Blog at The blog is written by our trainers, our partners and even our customers. It covers all things alignment from a real world, hands on perspective.

We also invite educators to consider writing posts for The Alignment Blog. We also invite you to use the forums on The Alignment Resource Center as a way to communicate with like-minded individuals concerned with industrial education,

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