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Our SIMBA# training courses are based on our extensive experience in teaching modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment. The Introductory Training course covers the basics of wastewater treament plant modeling and the use of SIMBA#. The Advanced and Specific Training courses deepen the understanding of unit process models and simulation procedures. All courses include short theory sessions, but the focus is on hands-on training.

  • Premium Support (Training-on-the-Job)
    Getting you started with SIMBA# in the most efficient way is behind our Premium Support package. We will work with you one hour per week (plus one hour preparation) on a model of your choice. This allows you to quickly become familiar with the software while working on your own project.
  • Training Courses at inCTRL Offices
    We are regularly organizing training courses at our offices in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Please contact us for more information and schedules at
  • Training Courses at Client Offices
    If you prefer training at your own facilities, one of our experts can provide training at your site.

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