Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Limited

Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Limited

Specialized Training Programmes on Safety & Risk Management

Education is identified to be one of the means of safety promotion. In addition to safety training programs, it is also vital that necessary input on the hazards associated with each equipment, material or activity and the methods to manage them be imparted to the participants to manage the risks effectively. Though the theoretical explanation forms the basis of the training, practical guidelines are the clue which prevent losses.

Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd (CMSRSL) are a team of technical experts who have hands on experience in managing the variety of risks. Their consulting experience and up-to- date knowledge about the statutes, regulations, standards etc. provide an in-depth technical knowledge to the participants. CMSRSL undertake training programs, modules of which are in detail below. Other specialized programs include Ammonia safety, Solvents safety, Modern Safety Management, Managing emergencies in process industries, Safety in material handling, Safety in high rise buildings etc. In addition to the above, programs are also conducted for different types of occupancies like refineries, petrochemical industries, solvent extraction plants, engineering industries, chemical industries, paper mills, rubber manufacturing/ processing plants, fertilizer plants, Power plants, hotels etc. All these programs are based on attractive audio visual presentation and interesting case studies. CMSRSL can also devise programs based on your specific requirements.

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