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We are continuing to fine-tune the information we receive and combining it with other hydrodynamics and power management data to even better predict vessel movement. Supporting helicopter logistics is also an option as well. What is clear to us so far, however, is that the forecasting system provides significant potential for operators.

Pre-Flight Weather Report

Ensure that Met Observers are capable of providing both a pre-flight weather report issued before Take-off and a radio message detailing the current weather on the helideck.

Courses Provided Worldwide

StormGeo can provide courses at customer locations on request.


The course ensures that Met Observers are able to provide accurate weather reports to the standards necessary to ensure the safety of helicopter operations

StormGeo is a certified provider of CAP 437 training for Offshore Meteorological Observers. This includes the full two-day Observer Course, an online Refresher Course and a classroom taught one-day Refresher.

Over the past five years, StormGeo has trained a considerable number of offshore observers in the UK and worldwide. Our flexibility and pool of expert trainers have led us to become the leading CAP 437 Observer training provider. The courses offered are:

  • Offshore Meteorological Observer Course
  • Refresher Course for Offshore Meteorological Observers
  • Course descriptions are provided in the documents below.

CAP 437 Meteorological Observer CourseOverview

The course objective will be to ensure that Met Observers will be capable of providing both a pre-flight weather report issued before Take-off, and on request, a radio message detailing the current weather on the helideck.

The training consists of a 2 day course. The detailed course timetable is shown here.

Training will be provided to ensure the specified information is provided in these reports using the correct terminology and reporting increments.

Information from automated sensors will be used to compile the weather reports. Training will be carried out to enable the Met Observer to visually evaluate the visibility, present weather, cloud amounts, height of cloud bases, and presence of significant convective clouds (TCU and CB). Trainee Met Observers will be provided with information detailing the limitations of automated weather observations that are used for meteorological observations; this will include understanding the limitations of using automated weather observations that may have been made within a 10 mile radius and the importance of ensuring the local conditions are accurately being reported.

Tuition will be provided to assist Met Observers in providing reports from contingency Met observing equipment which require the manual measurement of pressure, air and dew point temperatures, wind speed and direction. The reporting increments, terminology and other policies relating to the reporting of weather conditions from offshore structures will be aligned with the METAR code as detailed in CAP 746 Meteorological Observations at Aerodromes (Chapter 4 METAR structure and UK coding rules).

CAP 437 Training Course Prices for 2018

Courses at StormGeo's office, Westhill, Aberdeenshire:  

Individual Price GBP 580 plus VAT. Includes training costs, training notes, certificates, lunch and tea & coffee.

Courses Provided Worldwide

CAP 437 is now being adopted in many other countries and StormGeo can provide courses at customer locations (nationally and internationally) on request. The delegate rate is as specified above , with an additional charge applied to cover the travel and subsistence costs of the trainers. The customer is to provide the venue, lunches and refreshments.

Additional Information

For individual bookings a minimum number of 8 delegates are required for a course to run. Cancellations made at least four weeks before the course date will not be charged for. Cancellations less than 4 weeks and at least 1 week before the course will be charged at 50% of the course fee whilst for those cancelled with less than 1 week’s notice the full course fee will be payable. All prices exclude VAT.

CAP 437 Refresher CourseOverview

Refresher training is provided by StormGeo either online or via a one day taught refresher.

The course is designed to refresh the Met Observers training certificate and ensure that they continue to be capable of providing both a pre-flight weather report issued before take-off, and on request, a radio message detailing the current weather on the helideck.

Having completed the full two day training course, the refresher training takes the delegate through a series of modules and test questions relating to key aspects already covered as part of their original training including; Wind, Visibility, Present Weather, Cloud, Temperature, Pressure and Sea state.

Online Refresher - The delegate is required to complete a set of practice questions within each of the modules during which they are referred to relevant sections of the original course material allowing them to refresh their knowledge of the original course. On finishing the online course modules they are required to complete a test comprising of a number of questions relating to the sections they have completed revision on. On successful completion of the refresher course test, their answers are reviewed by the course training team at StormGeo and a refresher certificate is issued to the delegate which is valid for a further two years.

CAP 437 Refresher Training Course Prices for 2018

Each refresher online license costs GBP 305 plus VAT.

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